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How to Know If You Were a Victim of a Medical Malpractice

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Have you been a victim of poor medical services and ended up in a worse condition? Medical malpractice is considered negligence unless the condition is unavoidable. However, if you are a victim of medical malpractice, seek justice from a law firm such as Jae Lee Law.

We all agree no one is perfect at what they do and we all make mistakes. Law firms that deal with medical malpractices weigh the situations and come up with solutions that suit the case at hand. How can one tell they are victims of medical malpractice? What evidence is required to proceed with the case and what actions can be taken in case one is a victim?

How can a victim suffer from medical negligence?

  • Lack of informed consent. In case a medical procedure will result in a complication or alter the desired appearance, the patient should be informed before the procedure is done. If not informed and consent reached, the defects on the patient’s body will be considered malpractice, and legal action is taken.
  • Out of the ordinary consequences. Just like some drugs have general effects on the body such as dizziness in sedatives, doctors are expected to have a treatment standard. If a medical error occurs and the situation is way out of the normal standard, this is considered medical malpractice. For example, a surgeon performs a procedure on the abdomen and instead of healing, weeks later the patient starts bloating because of complications.
  • Delayed diagnosis. Some diagnosis reports and lab results need to be done on time to determine how fast to address a situation. However, if this is delayed, a patient may experience severe conditions leading to poor health states. This is considered negligence and should be addressed in a court of law.
  • Having medical tools in your body. Have you heard of doctors that completed surgery and patched up a patient with scissors in their bodies? Such cases exist and such actions might lead to the damage of internal organs. One suddenly feels uncomfortable or pain and when they go back to the hospital, an X-ray shows they have medical tools in their bodies. Such medical institutions and doctors have legal actions taken due to unprofessionalism.

What medical evidence should I give when presenting my case in court?

  • Medical appointments. Ensure all the dates you went to visit your doctor are in order. Include the time, date, and location. This shows you went to meet up with the doctor.
  • Lab results. The photocopy of the lab results you are given after tests should be produced in the order you were given. This shows that the diagnosis was done in the institution and the reports were given to the doctor for further consultation.
  • Medication. In case you were prescribed to take any drugs, carry the evidence to show you got the medications and have been taking them. In this case, if the drugs prescribed to you worsened your situation instead of making you better, this will act as sufficient evidence.

What to do in case you are a victim of medical malpractice.

  1. Seek advice from a law firm or an attorney such as Jae Lee Law that deals with medical malpractices.
  2. Find another doctor and find out if they can make your condition better.
  3. Do not contact the healthcare facility or doctor to threaten them or rant about the situation.

In conclusion, you can get assistance for medical malpractice that occurred from attorneys that deal with medical malpractices.

September 2022