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What is Field of View in a Rifle Scope?

In exactly the same way as the different sectors have enjoyed the benefits of technology, the firearm and ammunition industry is doing it well. Enthusiasts and hunters can now avail all the new technology and improvements to the current stock of equipment. One of these advances is the use of optical sights for handguns and rifles. It’s known that with optics, your accuracy increases tenfold. So whether you are seeking to thrive on high-technology tools or looking for the best scope for 243 Winchester of your own you would better consider some optical devices. It’s approaching hunting season and you are going to need a good scope that offers good performance and has durability.

And while there is much to discuss about rifle scopes, in this article we are going to concentrate on the details of a field of view.

So, what exactly is it? 

The field of view basically means what the shooter will see when he looks through the scope from a distance. Magnification through the scope can be increased or decreased. At lower magnification, say 3x, the shooter will be able to see everything possible and everything around him. At higher magnification, an example could be at 24x, the field of view narrows, focusing more on the target.  

In typical firearms jargon, the field of view is measured at 100 yards from the target. This is usually for comparison purposes.  

Which is better: a small or large field of view?

This is a question that beginner hunters typically ask. If you ask hunters who have been longer in the game, it is common for them to try to get as near to the target as possible. This is partly for accuracy and partly for the thrill.  

Most take-downs are at less than 150 yards. Higher magnification levels of the scope are not required at such a time. As stated earlier, lower magnification gives you a wider field of view. With such a view, hunters are typically more accurate. 

The Determinants of the field of view 

From our discussion above, it comes out clearly that the field of view will be determined by the level of magnification on your scope. However, that is not the only determinant of the field of view. The manufacturer also makes a statement on this matter.  

Different manufacturers will use different objective lenses. Objective lenses have varying diameter which will determine the clarity of the picture. An example of a hunting scenario can present this issue better. With a large field of view, the picture tends to be a bit blurry and therefore hunters choose to increase the magnification.  

However, with a sophisticated objective lens system, increasing magnification is not required. The better scope is able to give you a clear image. And you know by now, at much lower magnification a hunter or enthusiast can be much more accurate.  


Does it sound too technical? Don’t think too much about it. Using a rifle scope is quite easy and with just a few hours you can learn how to improve your shooting.

August 2022