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Things You Should Know Before Shopping at Publix

Publix is one of the largest U.S. grocery chains and boasts of reigning in the retail world. This is under the exemplary service they offer. It is important to note the dominance of this company is not only in Florida but also in the whole United States. The grocer ranks also highly in terms of customer satisfaction standards measured by the annual loyalty index.

As a result, many shoppers find themselves drawn to the grocery chain. But if you have never visited before, why not have a read? You might get to learn one or two interesting things about Publix. Later on, you can fill this Publix survey and give your comments on the quality of service.

They offer free medications

Save a trip to the drugstore and a few bucks from your wallet by taking a visit to Publix. All you need is a written prescription written by your doctor. Shoppers with prescriptions can pick up medicine for free 14-days supply of antibiotics like penicillin, ampicillin, or amoxicillin. As well as 3 month supply of drugs that deal with high blood pressure and certain heart conditions. So, the next time you feel like not paying for your health is expensive, just pay a visit to Publix.

Excellent customer service

Great businesses go for extreme leaps to serve their customers. If there is one thing that makes so beloved, is the made-to-order sandwiches. Unlike common delis, they prefer to tailor the end-product to what the customer wants. My assumption, which can be off, is there are no menus. The staff will positively break the rules. They will make a sandwich out of anything including the vast range of cold cuts or prepared salads.

Publix online deliveries

Publix Delivery lets you order groceries from Publix and be delivered by Instacart in less than an hour or at the time that you want. It is important to note that you do not have to tip the Publix associate. They do not receive tips. Just tip the Instacart shopper 20 percent of the value if you can. You can get the app from Google Pay for free.

The app can save you time especially if you are looking for a particular kind of diaper for your kid. Instead of wandering off in aisles, you can look at the online product catalog at http://www.publix.com/ or use the app to identify the aisle when you are in the store.

They do not sell their stocks

Publix stock is strictly and privately owned. This can be deafening to the ears of any investor because of the reputation and prestige Publix have. The only potential buyers are the current employees or board members, and cannot be offered to the public without being offered to Publix for repurchase.

September 2022