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The Role of Vitamins and Minerals in Hair Loss

According to a study done in 2016, over 50% of men and a quarter of women suffered from hair loss or hair patterned baldness. It is a worrying cause and can be attributed to the lack of vitamins and minerals in the human body.  

In this article, we will be looking at the various deficiencies of vitamins and nutrients that could lead to hair loss. We will also provide different options that readers should focus on fixing the problem.

Vitamin and nutrient deficiency

One of the major causes of hair loss in both men and women is a deficiency in iron. For those who didn’t know, iron is a vital component in the production of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin transports oxygen and nutrients to various parts of the body, including your hair follicles. Without enough iron in your body and less hemoglobin, your hair will have a hard time growing. This will lead to thinner hair and later on, hair loss.

One more of the other major causes of hair loss is vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is not only responsible for strong bones but also responsible for muscle strength, hair growth, and mental wellbeing. Without a substantial amount of vitamin D, you will notice rapid shedding of hair.

Another cause of thinning hair is selenium deficiency. Though from our research, this is a more rare cause. A lack of selenium in your body can result in improper functioning of your thyroid, leading to hair loss and hypothyroidism.

Essential vitamins for hair growth

To boost the growth of hair, you must consistently consume the proper vitamins and nutrients. In addition, you must identify a life store known for quality products.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a vital vitamin when the topic of hair growth is being discussed. Healthy and moderate consumption of it can stimulate hair growth and maintain a healthy glow on it. However, there have been concerns among those who have taken large doses of vitamin A. Overdoing it has led to scalp oil issues and resulted in thinning.

Vitamin A will also lead to the healthy development of your skin and nails.

Vitamin B12

Sources of Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin). Healthy eating. Top view

Vitamin B12 comes highly recommended. It plays a key role in the synthesis of DNA, catalyzing reactions of different enzymes, as well as the functioning of the nervous system. The vitamin is crucial in the development of your hair follicles. To get your dose of vitamin B12, make sure to include red meat, fish, and other fortified foods in your diet.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is mostly known for its role in building a person’s immunity. However, research has shown that it plays an important part in the synthesis of collagen, too. Collagen, a protein in the human body, is the source of proline that is used to manufacture keratin.

Getting vitamin C is quite easy due to its abundance in many foods, vegetables, and fruits. You can get vitamin C from tomatoes, spinach, oranges, grapefruits, green and red peppers as well as broccoli.

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