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Is an Upholstered Bed Right for You?

Upholstered beds are covered with fabric on the wooden or metallic parts of them. They are recommended to people who love working or watching movies from bed. Upholstered beds offer comfort naturally instead of having to pile pillows for your neck or back. But if you care not only about convenience but about aesthetics as well you’d better click here to check out some incredible coverings and designs to make your bed look perfect.

However, before ordering all that lovely stuff, you should ask yourself if upholstered beds are your ideal match, or you are just okay with a normal bed? As it is with all products, they have their advantages and disadvantages. For the fact that they come with different designs, different fabrics, and different colors, you could as well try and weigh if they are for you. To help you figure out all the pros and cons of upholstered beds we have unpacked some details below. 

Benefits of upholstered beds 

  • Have a wide variety.  

With all the styles, fabrics, and colors they come with, you can pick one that suits your preferences. If you have a smaller space, you don’t have to worry as these beds can be of any size. 

  • Comfort 

They offer comfort, especially in the padded areas. You can conveniently spend long hours in bed without any body aches. They are also beds which are suitable for people who go through physiotherapy as they give comfort to the muscles and bones, bringing relaxation.

  • Easy to blend with the bedroom. 

You do not have to go for complex ideas to have a unique bedroom. Upholstered beds can be customized to suit your bedroom theme and design.  

Disadvantages of upholstered beds 

  • Unsuitable for home with pets. 

Cats can scratch any surface they find exciting. Imagine your bed having paw scratches and that means every time you will need to change the scratched parts which can be expensive. 

  • Unsuitable for highly allergic individuals 

Like any other fabric, the material that covers the bed can attract dust, fur, or pollen grains. This can lead to nasal irritations that can make someone feel uncomfortable or lead to allergic reactions such as sneezing, watery eyes, or rashes on the skin. 

  • Tough to clean 

In case of a stain on the fabric, you will need professional cleaning services or strong detergents to clean any stains. Alternatively, some people prefer using vacuum cleaners to keep the material clean. 

Types of upholstered beds 

  • Platform beds 

They are lower than the normal ones and do not have space where you fix the mattress. This can also suit any type of mattress you prefer. 

  • Wingback beds

This type is mainly the suite design you may find in fancy hotels. As the name suggests, the headboard is slightly curved on the inside on both ends. Such a bed offers more comfort to the user. 

  • Sleigh beds 

Here, the footboard takes the shape of a sleigh but is still covered with fabric material. Its purpose is mainly aesthetic as it rarely affects the comfort or discomfort of the user. 

  • Canopy beds 

This type has a traditional feature where extended poles are attached on either side of the bed where the mosquito net is attached to. This bed gives a romantic vibe as makes one feel safe under the design. 

In conclusion, if you are still not sure about the type of bed to go for, try either of the above and see which one works for you.

August 2022