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Instagram Aesthetics: Pro Tips to Stand Out & Increase Followers

Potential clients will notice your brand’s Instagram look the first time they visit your profile. Your Instagram page’s colors, layout, tone, and general vibe all play a role in whether you get new followers. Brand awareness and company performance may be considerably improved by creating an Instagram style that is aesthetically appealing and consistent. When your followers see your material in their feed, they will know it’s from you because of your brand’s voice, personality, and recognition. A good Instagram style might seem like a hazy task, even in principle.

Establish your brand

Your Instagram aesthetic informs your audience of where you’re from and what makes your company unique, without them having to click on a single post. As a result, identifying your brand is an important stage in the process. With a website, logo, or bricks-and-mortar store, you may have already begun the process of translating your brand over to Instagram in a manner that makes sense for your customers.

Take color seriously

When it comes to establishing your brand’s own visual identity on Instagram, color is the single most crucial factor to consider. According to a study, color has an 85 percent effect on customer purchasing choices. On the other hand, color boosts brand recognition by a whopping 80%. You were making the appropriate color choices that might influence your bottom line regarding Instagram. The power of color may be used in various ways to enhance your Instagram look. Don’t reinvent the wheel if you already have a website, logo, and social media presence. Your content should include the colors you’ve chosen after they’ve been selected. There is no need for this to be visible but rather keep to a given color or tone family. You’ll be surprised at how much better your Instagram feed will seem after you get into the habit of doing this. Even if the content isn’t the same from post to post, a consistent color palette can help tie your website together. People make more than 90 percent of their judgments about a brand in the first 90 seconds they see it, and the color is a significant factor. Make sure the colors of your brand communicate your entire brand message. For instance, a pleasant children’s daycare may not want a gloomy and melancholy feed.

Discover the power of editing

Find out how to use editing to your advantage. Instagram pages that seem to have all the proper ingredients but don’t succeed because of poor editing are a clear example of the power of editing. Instagram accounts with the most consistent looks will have mastered the art of editing. There is no alternating between dark and somber visuals and information that is joyful and cheerful. When you look at everything together, it seems like it was all made on the same day in the same place and at the same time. Presets are a simple method to guarantee that your Instagram feed looks the same every time you post a picture. Using an editing application like Adobe Lightroom, you may apply Instagram presets to your images. This means you won’t have to spend hours figuring out just how much brightness you usually add to a shot. In addition, you don’t have to perform any of the work yourself. When you don’t have to update postings one by one, they save you time.

Using these tips, you now know how to grow Instagram followers organically.

August 2022