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Best Instagram Hashtags to use as a Travel Blogger

Even though Instagram has evolved into a social media platform that is now used to promote and start businesses online, its primary purpose remains the same: to be a platform that enables users to connect through the use of images, videos, and other related content. The unique thing about the platform is that it uses the concept of adding different captions and hashtags under the media shared on the Instagram feed. While there are many Instagram trends that people are following nowadays, using Hashtags to increase reach and engagement is still considered to be one of the most effective ways to do so.

Travel blogging is one of the most common things that is done on Instagram. Travel blogging is very simple to do and very attractive to watch from a user’s point of view. All bloggers have to do in this case is to take pictures and videos of different places they have visited and post them online, under which different captions and stories are written.

Why are hashtags used?

Hashtags are still considered as one of the most effective ways to increase reach and engagement. Hashtags are used so that more and more people can engage with the same and relevant topics. It is used as a means to attract attention, organize, and promote connection in a manner that is easy and convenient. Usually, Hashtags are used on different platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, etc.

What are the best hashtags to use for a travel blogger?

When it comes to travel blogging, hashtags are still very often used so that more and more people can see the content you are posting. In travel blogging, there are a variety of hashtags that can be used, most of which can be classified into different categories. Let us start with some more general hashtags that are often seen on different posts of famous travel bloggers from around the world.


This is one of the most common hashtags that is used on different blog posts. It should be kept in mind that more common hashtags must be avoided if you are running a small account. This is because smaller accounts tend to get unnoticed with more common hashtags.


Instead of going for more common hashtags, it is better to use hashtags that are more uncommon or go for a combination of two or three common hashtags. For instance, instead of writing #Adventure and #Wanderlust, go for a combination of both of these. In this scenario, the combination #Adventureseeker is best suited for the blog.


This is a little less popular hashtag, but it is a good hashtag to attract a larger audience since it can serve a specific niche. Exploring is often done while traveling, so it only makes sense to use a hashtag that motivates users to stop scrolling on Instagram, pack their bags and go explore the different parts of the world!

September 2022